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The Preparation Committee of the First China International Import Expo Held the Matchmaking Meeting of the On-Site Work of Nationwide Trading Teams


To do a solid work for the 100-day-countdown sprint in all areas for the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), and to speed up the important matchmaking of trade, reception and activities, on July 30, the preparation committee of the first CIIE held the matchmaking meeting of the on-site work of the nationwide trading teams at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Wang Bingnan, Deputy Director of the preparation committee, Vice Minister of Commerce, Director of the China International Import and Export Bureau and on-site commander of the preparation work attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

The meeting pointed out that under the unified leadership of the preparation committee, with the great support and joint efforts from all regions and departments, important initial progress has been made in organizing trading teams for the import expo and promoting investment. Till now, 38 trading teams and over 500 divisions have been established. By July 29th, over 70, 000 enterprises and organizations have been registered and have signed up online.

The meeting emphasized that now the focus of the preparation work has shifted from attracting exhibitors to attracting investors and arranging exhibitors. All trading teams and related offices should further enhance political stance, unify their thinking and understanding with the decisions and deployment of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, and make solid progress in implementing their work. The trading teams should set the world-class level as the benchmark, focus on the theme of the expo and actively invite entrepreneurs at home and abroad to the expo. They should emphasize not only the wide range but also the pertinence of participants and work hard in transaction promotion, registration and qualification assessment.

The meeting pointed out that the relevant offices of Shanghai should strengthen the matchmaking work’s overall planning, clarifying the reception work’s standards and process. All trading teams and their corresponding receiving teams in Shanghai should think from and act for the big picture. They should expedite the establishing of work mechanism, organize the special teams, detail the reception plans, and work hard so as to hold a world first-class expo.

Over 100 people from local trading teams, trading teams of central enterprises, Shanghai municipal government and relevant offices, receiving teams in Shanghai, the department of on-site command, secretariat and relevant functional departments of the preparation committee and the China International Import and Export Bureau attended the meeting.

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